Catalysts: Advocating for statewide housing policy that benefits individuals and families


Dear Colleagues:

Catalysts for Local Control has a mission to advocate for housing policy that benefits people, not corporations. We’re inviting your support for our statewide effort.

Your support enables CATALYSTS to educate, engage and empower about three issues:

  1. Everyone deserves HOME SECURITY. Renters and homeowners feel the pinch of housing costs. Legislators say, “cities are to blame for the housing crisis,” and pass bills that take away local authority. But evidence shows it is Wall Street, with complicity from legislators, that is undermining home security. Catalysts supports legislation that promotes home ownership and prevents gentrification by curbing the power of big-time housing investors.
  2. It’s common sense to protect the ENVIRONMENT.  Developers object to the 50-year-old California Environmental Quality Act, saying it cuts into their profits. They persuade legislators to ignore practical questions like “Where’s the water for growth going to come from?” Catalysts supports legislation that protects against flood and fire risks and rejects unrealistic state housing quotas based on fancy algorithms but lacking practicality.  
  3. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY keeps the American Dream alive. The disparity between haves and have-nots is alarming. Home ownership has been a way for individuals to acquire equity and generational wealth. But unregulated corporations are “equity-mining” our neighborhoods, fattening their portfolios, and putting the American Dream out of reach. Catalysts keep hope alive by educating, networking, influencing, and empowering others around shared values.

Catalysts for Local Control was launched March 2021. We’re excited about our progress. We’ve generated an impressive track record for leadership, Town Hall meetings, weekly Catalysts’ Calls, bi-weekly Leaders’ Calls, bill analysis, writing letters, and testifying to legislative committees. We have momentum to do more in 2022.  Use this link to read our 2021 Activities Report.

We started with a shoestring budget and thousands of hours of donated time from dozens of volunteers. The 2022 cash operating budget is $28,000. It covers professional services for the website, bookkeeping, admin support, supplies, licenses, fees, and subscriptions. We have the option of creating special project budgets for housing legislation, events, elections, and ballot measures.

Catalysts has a 501(c)(4) designation that allows for political activity. That means your donation is not tax-deductible, but decidedly influential. 

If you share Catalysts’ values, YOU can make a difference! We’ve raised $3,000 towards a $5,000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor. Contribute to our year-end campaign by December 31. Your contribution at the $50, $500, $1,000 or higher level will help kick off the new year.

Please join us as we promote home and family security for renters and owners, environmental stewardship, and equal opportunity. We’re at a crossroads. Many hard-working people are losing hope in the American Dream.

We hope you’ll join Catalysts and our growing team.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

Susan Kirsch

President, Catalysts for Local Control