RHNA Allocations


Department of Finance (DOF) Population Projections and HCD RHNA numbers

    Catalysts Town Hall, November 15, 2023 with Marc Verville

    You will learn how:

    • The state determines housing needs (RHNA) by using“Projected” and “Existing” Need.
    • The Dept. of Finance provides“Projected” need based on population projections, including birth, deaths, and migration rates.
    • The Housing and Community Development (HCD) Department sets “Existing” need based on measures without standardized definition or measurement such as vacancy rates, overcrowding, and cost-burdening.
    • The combined “Projected”and “Existing” needs fail to meet the need for affordable housing!
    • The RHNA process has been captured by special interests and the public has been shut out.

    Marc Verville, a Santa Monica native and former VP of finance and business at the Walt Disney Company and Warner Brothers Entertainment, is challenging the state’s housing narrative.  He reveals the shortcomings of the fundamental premises of the state’s claim “we have a housing crisis.”  The crisis is not supply, but affordability. Verville, relying on his background in financial projections, modeling, charting, and analysis, presents evidence of the false narrative.

    Marc Verville exposes the RHNA (Regional Housing Need Allocation) as a special interest policy that is unrelated to solving the problem of housing affordability. It benefits investor profits at the expense of sound planning, community safety, and financial health. The situation calls on informed constituents to take action. 

    Slides for this presentation are available here.

    Presentation by Marc Verville, Catalysts Call , October 2, 2023.

    Presentation by Gaetan Lion, Catalysts Call , July 24, 2023

    For those who are collecting data on the cost of various jurisdictions preparing their Housing Element, we have compiled the tables of RHNA allocations for the various cities and counties: