Catalysts for Local Control – Mission Statement

Who are we?  A statewide organization of current and former elected officials, community leaders, and constituents.

What is our mission? To educate, engage, and empower constituents to participate in local, regional and state housing policy decisions.

What are our goals?  To support legislative process and policy that:

    1. Meets the need for housing that is affordable,
    2. Preserve the American dream of home ownership instead of rental monopolies, prioritizing constituents’ housing and safety needs over developer/investor profits,
    3. Relies on accurate data, trustworthy methodology, and community participation, and
    4. Restores local control for informed planning and sustainable communities.

How do we work?

    1. Networking
    2. Weekly Catalysts Calls for discussion
    3. Workshops and Town Halls
    4. Communication (website)
    5. Special projects:  Organize Spring & Fall Lobby Days
    6. Track legislation