Housing in Sonoma

The Morning Show

July 18, 2022

Host: Marcia Macomber

In this 2-hour interview show Marcia Macomber, Host of The Morning Show on KSVY, interviewed six guests with differing viewpoints on the problems of affordable housing in Sonoma County and the impact of recent state legislation.

Her guests included:

  • Margaret Dematteo, housing policy attorney for the Legal Aid Society
  • Susan Kirsch, Founder and President of Community Catalysts for Local Control.
  • Sandra Lowe, Sonoma City Council member
  • Kristina Tierney, Associate City Planner, Sonoma
  • Dimetra Smith, 2nd VP Santa Rosa Sonoma NAACP and Chair of the Commission on Human  Rights
  • Fred Allebach, Sonoma Valley Housing Group and watchdog on affordable housing

5 - 6PM

A weekly Zoom call to talk about housing policy, local control and the impact of state legislation on your neighborhood. Bring your questions and ideas. 

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