Our Homes and Cities are Under Attack

Hosted by Susan Kirsch, Director, Catalysts for Local Control

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Inflated RHNA Numbers Lead to Ruin

Art Kiesel, former Mayor, Foster City

RHNA – Regional Housing Needs Assessment/Allocations.
The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) calculates  new housing needs by region and then assigns the local Council  of Governments (MTC/ABAG) to determine the allocations for each city. But what if the numbers are wrong and the cities can’t meet the allocations?

Action Plan:

1. Send a letter to Senator Scott Wiener with questions about RHNA and the proposed legislation (see sample letter). You can choose questions from the list of questions provided.

2. Send an email to your City Council (see sample letter) requesting that they (1)  file an appeal to the RHNA numbers assigned to their City before the July 9th deadline and (2) join the Alameda legal action and file an amicus brief. Attach the letter from CALE for further information.


Resources are listed in the sequence of the PowerPoint slide presentation. You can download the complete list as a PDF.

1. General Plan Elements

2. Department of Housing and Community Development

3. Department of Finance Demographic Research Unit

4. 2010 Population

5. Council of Governments (COG)

6. RHNA Methodology – 2014-2022

7. Bay Area Plan 2050

8. Bay Area Plan 2050 – growth Pattern

9. Housing Prices

10. 2014 Prop 1 – Water Measure,storage%2C%20and%20drinking%20water%20protection

11. Senator Portantino – Audit

12. Embarcadero Institute – 1

13. Embarcadero Institute – 2