Litigation Documents

This page contains links to documents and news articles related to litigation happening around the state. Items are listed in chronological order and include local (suit against Marin County BOS), federal (Huntington Beach lawsuit in federal court) and state lawsuits (four charter and two general law cities against SB-9). 

Updates on Litigation

On November 9, 2023, Attorney Pam Lee returned to Catalysts to discuss the latest status on the Huntington Beach and other lawsuits pending against the State of California in opposition to the numerous laws that have been passed with respect to the ‘presumed housing crisis’. and the demands of the State, through the Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) and the RHNA process, that the Cities build large amounts of housing.

Legal Updates & Litigation Options

A presentation by Attorneys Pam Lee and Brian Wright-Bushman, Aleshire & Wynder LLP.

Huntington Beach Lawsuit

  • Huntington Beach HCD Lawsuit Press Conference March 9, 2023 (Video)
  • California sues Huntington Beach for limiting housing … March 9, 2023 (Video)

  • Huntington Beach Blasts CA Governor Newsom Over Housing Lawsuit (Video)

  • Housing Update Town Hall with Mayor Strickland and City Attorney Michael Gates  May 11, 2023 (Video)

  • Why California’s Suburb Could Disappear in a Couple of Decades | Michael Gates. Interview on California Insider, May 2023 (Video)

  • Huntington Beach Lawsuit (PDF)
  • Huntington Beach v. State of California et al. An explanation of the lawsuit by Bob Silvestri. (PDF)

Corcoran v. County of Marin Lawsuit

  • Corcoran v. County of Marin Lawsuit (PDF)
  • Lawsuit challenges Marin County’s housing element (Marin IJ May 4, 2023)

Workshop Series

Town Hall Series

  • Part 1: Pam Lee on SB-9 and RHNA Lawsuits (August 10, 2022)
  • Part 2: Michael Barnes on RHNA (August 24, 2022)
    • Michael Barnes Presentation (Video)
    • Michael Barnes Slide Presentation (PDF)
    • Susan Kirsch, Action Ideas (PDF)
  • Part 3: Bob Silvestri on Housing Policies (September 7, 2022)
    • Bob Silvestri Presentation (Video)
    • Bob Silvestri Slide Presentation (PDF)
    • Susan Kirsch, Action Ideas  (PDF)
  • Part 4: Mike Griffiths and John Cruikshank on Joining the Lawsuit (September 21, 2022)
    • Mike Griffiths & John Cruikshank (Video)
    • Susan Kirsch, Action Ideas  (PDF)
  • 2022 Town Hall Series Press Releases (#1 Aug 2, 2022) (#2 Aug 18, 2022) (#3 Sept 2, 2022) (#4 Sept 15, 2022)