Six 30-minute interviews about housing

Episode #3: Featuring Hydee Feldstein Soto & John Heath

Hydee Feldstein Soto, candidate for Los Angeles City Attorney 2022, and John Heath, president of the United Homeowners’ Association based in Los Angeles, describe their efforts to get solutions-based housing policy from Sacramento legislators.

Feldstein Soto says, “Dictating from on high will not work.”  Heath adds. “Sacramento is facilitating a massive transfer of wealth from low-income communities to Wall Street.”

Catalysts in California Times gives a microphone to elected officials and community leaders who are spearheading change to protect communities.   Many are fed up with Sacramento legislators who blame cities for lack of housing that is affordable and then use that false premise as reason to take away local control, says Susan Kirsch, founder of Catalysts.

Kirsch and Guy Meyer, 5-year host of Marin Cable-TV’s California Times, have teamed up to produce a six-part series of 30-minute interviews focusing on housing.  In the first interview, Kirsch talks about the threat of corporations buying up housing stock and turning us into a renter nation.

The second episode features Mike Griffiths, founder of California Cities for Local Control.

An upcoming episode will feature Palo Alto City Council woman Lydia Kou, along with Peggy Huang, Mayor of Yorba Linda in southern California, talking about the impact of misguided state housing legislation on cities.

A new interview will be posted on the website every week. The show also airs on Channel 26, Marin’s cable television station, Mondays at 6:00PM and Tuesdays at 10:30 AM.

We hope you will enjoy the series.