By Chronicle readers

Dec 24, 2023

Supervisor Dean Preston announces his reelection campaign at City Hall in San Francisco on Aug. 17. His record on housing could be a key issue. Juliana Yamada/Special to the Chronicle

Regarding “The battle over S.F. Supervisor Dean Preston’s housing record is heating up again” (San Francisco,, Dec. 20): This discourse has been manipulated by YIMBY groups to distort San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston’s genuine intentions and unjustly vilify his approach.

Recent reports dissecting Preston’s housing record have been selectively crafted to cast shadows on his efforts.

California’s housing crisis is a multifaceted issue that cannot be remedied solely by increasing supply. Yes in My Backyard groups often advocate for a single-minded, pro-development approach without regard for the broader socio-economic complexities involved.

San Francisco’s housing problem isn’t just about sheer numbers of units; it’s about ensuring equitable access to housing, combating displacement and gentrification, and safeguarding the diverse fabric of vulnerable communities. Increasing housing availability doesn’t automatically reduce homelessness if individuals can’t afford to secure and maintain those homes.

Staunch adherence to pro-development policies at any cost undermines the significance of solutions that cater to specific community needs. San Francisco deserves innovative housing solutions that protect communities, prioritize tenants and ensure marginalized residents access affordable, sustainable homes.

The real villains of the city’s housing crisis are corporate landlords and developers. YIMBY groups point fingers at unhoused people and Preston, but it’s corporations and real estate firms that are the biggest housing criminals.

Tran Nguyen, Berkeley